Inspired by Chicago Architecture!


More photos of Chicago... So much Public Art and the fantastic Architecture so little time!  Frank Gehry, Mies Van Der Roe, Cloud Gate, Corn Cob Towers, Trump Tower, Merchandise Mart (The home of NeoCon).  We had opportunity to go on the Architectural Riverboat cruise led by the Architecture Foundation of Chicago, which gives the history and significance of the many styles of Architecture in the city.  Exploring in [.....]

Chicago Neocon 2012 What’s New


WOW...So inspired!  Impossible to put all of the ideas and cool images I have in my mind down in this format.  Visually Chicago was fabulous, from the Architecture...the products...fresh details.  It was a lot to take in but we did!  Some of the trends we saw a lot of were white white and more white.  This white was used to balance some very intense and saturated colours.  Vibrant oranges, [.....]

NeoCon Chicago 2012


Anticipation of new products, reconnecting with friends in the industry.  Neocon Chicago 2012 looks to be a fantastic time to be in Interior Design!  Designers gather from across the United States and Canada to experience the sights of Chicago, to be updated on new products / industry news, and to be refreshed through our time immersed in design excitement.  We have the pleasure of attending an assortment of industry [.....]