Select People Solutions

Artwork is a key component in many of my designs.  At Select People Solutions, we incorporated two types of artwork throughout the office space.

First is a gallery wall that has an ever changing collection of artwork from several members of the local Potempkin Art Collective.  Here the artists have an area to showcase their artwork, while Select benefits from having some beautiful and ever changing pieces of original artwork.

In the main part of the office was our second artwork stragegy.  All images came from the local Galt Museum Archives and focused on the theme “People working in Lethbridge”.  All of the images are in black and white which provides a “historical” feel which contrasts nicely with the overall contemporary design of the space.  There is a lady sorting peas with a hairstyle similar to Lucille Ball and a gentleman standing in front of a giant spaghetti drying rack.  There are images taken from inside the historic post office clock and numerous other recognizable locations in the city.  All of these photos were carefully selected to chronicle a history of “people solutions” in Lethbridge.






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