Personality in design poetry


They say it is the start that stops most people...and this is certainly true in Interior Design projects.  I often hear that what prevents people from putting character in their space is the fear that they will make a mistake, or do something "wrong".  I am more of the opinion that as long as you are intentional about the statement or scheme you are going for then it is better to have personality and make an impact rather [.....]

Negative space makes a positive space!


There is something to be said about traveling, exploring, finding art/ architecture and being inspired where you are.  I am in Dallas representing our EWI Lethbridge Chapter for LCAM (Leadership Conference and Annual Meeting).  I am sure different people check out different things when they are exploring new places.  My first stop was the Dallas Museum of Art Sculpture garden, and a trolly ride to the cultural arts [.....]

Local Artwork – If these walls could talk!


When making your artwork selections there are two streams you can go down.  You can buy mass produced work that has removed the hand of the artist from the work or you can support local artists that have created the piece by their own hand.  It is suprising what a difference it makes to be surrounded by artwork that has the fingerprint of an artist in it.  I love supporting local artists, and what a pleasure it is for my [.....]