Negative space makes a positive space!

There is something to be said about traveling, exploring, finding art/ architecture and being inspired where you are.  I am in Dallas representing our EWI Lethbridge Chapter for LCAM (Leadership Conference and Annual Meeting).  I am sure different people check out different things when they are exploring new places.  My first stop was the Dallas Museum of Art Sculpture garden, and a trolly ride to the cultural arts district.  I enjoyed my time in the sculpture garden because the large scale of the sculptures play with form and emphasize the negative space around the objects.  Negative space in design and sculpture means the shape of space around an object, or the “empty air space”.  The empty space is just as important as the object itself.  The experience of the large sculpture is something that we can use in the interior design of a space when designing reception desks for example.  Reception desks need to be welcoming and suit certain functions.  They also occupy a large portion of a reception area, which is the first view that a potential client has of your space.

Being artful and making a statement with your reception desk can set the tone for your companies brand image.  If you would like to explore the image that your space is making about you consider giving us a call!Dallas-Sculpture-Garden-Negative-Space



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