Personality in design poetry

They say it is the start that stops most people…and this is certainly true in Interior Design projects.  I often hear that what prevents people from putting character in their space is the fear that they will make a mistake, or do something “wrong”.  I am more of the opinion that as long as you are intentional about the statement or scheme you are going for then it is better to have personality and make an impact rather than blend in with the masses.

One of my favourite ways to develop character and personality in a space is by putting a name to your vision.  If you think of magnetic poetry and grouping different words together to create a thought, personality in design is very similar.  Think of some key words that would describe what you hope to accomplish or convey in your space.  Theme words are better if mixed with a twist.  Some of the best character comes from combining different or contrasting inspiration words.  Make a list of words that inspire you or reflect your vision.

If you are looking at the design for a commercial space what would best describe the atmosphere you would like to portray to your customers or clients?  Does it reflect your brand?  Does it say something about your business?

The more descriptive or specific the words are the easier you will be able to use these words for inspiration and design decisions.  A few examples of these grouping could be:

Hippy Loft Contemporary

Contemporary Prairie

Modern Funk

Whimsical Kitsch Gallery

Ranch Eclectic Charm

Clean Lines Prairie sky

Whatever your vision and word groupings, keep these words in mind when you are making decor decisions, and when adding artwork and finishing touches.

If you would like some help in putting together your vision for your Interior Design project give Urban Studio Interior Design a call!  I am a Registered Interior Designer and Proud to be member of The Interior Designers of Alberta and The Interior Designers of Canada.










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