Sweet Ideas Candy Shop

Candy as design inspiration?

We can be inspired by all sorts of things. When I was working on the interior design for Sweet Ideas Candy Shop here in Lethbridge I took inspiration from the candy itself.  I wanted to create an atmosphere that was fun, energetic and one where customers (both young and young at heart) could embrace the idea of an old fashioned Willy Wonka-ish candy experience. My inspiration for colour came from Jelly Belly’s. It was so much fun choosing the scheme based on which Jelly Bellies would look great together.  I even presented the options to my client using those same Jelly Bellies. To further this concept, I turned candy into art when I framed various types of candy in shadow boxes and hung them on the walls. Additionally, we chose words that would make your mouth water and painted them freehand on the feature wall. We can be inspired by so many things!








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