The Big Swing


I had an experience last weekend that I wanted to share with you because it is a great metaphor for the decisions we make in life. I was at a Ladies Retreat at SABC and they have something called “The Big Swing”.  It is constructed out of Power line poles, and you are wearing a harness when you are hoisted up (way up) by ropes.  When you are positioned about 50’ in the air the only thing holding you back from [.....]



Have we depersonalized our surroundings? Are we too worried about our homes looking just right above looking lived in, or being a reflection of ourselves? When you invite guests into your home we should be striving to put our own personality into our spaces rather than a generic out of the box mathematical look. I am not saying that we can’t shop and use some very generic items. But we should be pairing them with items [.....]